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Monday, September 6, 2010

Hello all..It's been awhile..but not much going on her worth writing about...The boys are BACK TO SCHOOL!! This is the first year that I have actually wished my precious angels away...It's also the first year I've had to face sibling rivalry...casey fights with Zach and becky annoys casey...It's been a summer of being peacemaker and I'm ready for a break...Zach's arm continues to be a problem.. One bone is closer to being in place but it's pushed the other one slightly out now. We go back to the orthopedist on Tuesday with him. we are hoping for an all good and a shorter cast so he can bend his arm.

Becky turned one. It's always a significant milestone for me. She leaves "baby" once she turns one. I want to keep her a baby forever.

Casey's been good. A few toe injuries this week but nothing he can't handle. He's back to preschool five half days this september. I hope he has a fun year.

Happy Labor day!

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