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Friday, January 29, 2010

Hello..Just wanted to let everyone know that Casey's bronchoscope showed a clear airway again. So, once again, we are forced to revisit the same old question. Do we remove the trach or do we leave it in?? My maternal instincts to protect him say ..NO...My desire to move him forward and the realization that his trouble may have been a one time thing makes me doubt my decision. He has had a clear bronchoscope 6 times in 18 months..basically since the first episode...so, the surgeons want it out...and by the way..they are the two most fantastic men I have ever met..especially in medicine..and probably the most experienced with EB in the world..I trust them, but HEY..it's not THEIR kid if they are WRONG!! So, we will revisit it in 6 months when we are able to save enough money to fly back to Ohio... His esophagus is clear of strictures too, which is good news as well. With EB you have to take the good when you get it..sometimes it throws you a bone..and other times it just punches you in the face...The unpredictability of this disease is what scares me the most. But for now, I will enjoy the easy time ..knowing at any moment it could change. Zach is still enjoying his trombone and is now helping the younger kids in the band..He is the first third grader allowed to play with the fifth grade band. Becky is 5 months old now. She is teething like a monster. She is an angel. The kind of baby that makes you want to have 12 more. Luckily I have Casey ( who although a blessing, makes you never want to have another one!) to even out my thoughts.. Hey, I like this blogging thing..It's like therapy without the $300.00 an hour bill! Thanks everyone for your support of our family....

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