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Sunday, May 23, 2010

well, hello everyone..I have not posted since January...boy time sure flies...casey turned three this week. My Zachary 9. I don't know where the time goes..casey had strep for this birthday. The poor kid can't catch a break! The day before he had an esophagram..No strictures...well, at least we THINK there are no strictures...and if there IS, they have to be insignificant....He cooperated nicely for the first half of the test, but the second half..lying on your stomach part..he decided he was done and we couldn't go any further..he got upset and vomited barium all over his daddy. so, we think it's good..the films will be put on disc by radiology and sent to his surgeon in cincinnati to review. We have an echocardiogram scheduled this week (routine yearly) and a baseline dexascan (bone density) to get in before the end of the month. Then I believe with the exception of a dermatology and GI visit and a trip to cincinnati, we are done for the year! (EB keeps you running). Casey is now potty trained..that is during the day at least...he still wakes up wet in the morning...but we've come a long way..in return his reward was a new "big boy bed"..My baby no longer wears diapers or sleeps in a crib..I feel he's all grown up! :)
Zachary's band played at the state music festival and scored a gold rating...the best you can get..He loves his trombone and he is soo good at it. he is the youngest one to play in the band.. I am very proud of him and he aces school...all top grades..
Becky is 9 months old now. She is crawling and standing up and destroying my house and my patience..At 42, I am just too old to chase an infant. She is the most patient and content child I have ever encountered. She is happy every moment of every day. She is just beautiful..
And yesterday I turned 42..... Casey got a pool for his birthday..he loves the little pool...unwrapping and doing bandage changes afterwards is rough.. I am going to try to post some pictures later this week..as soon as I figure out how...

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